Today for Mother’s Day I got to hug my kids.



Today for Mother’s Day I got to hug my kids. They let me sleep in this morning and woke me up with breakfast in bed, made and delivered by three pairs of tiny, itty bitty hands. When I was done eating I got to take a long ocean scented bubble bath in a candle lit bathroom with a huge plate of Belgium chocolates next to it. I got wrapped gifts from decoration for the new house’s bathroom over a touch pen for my tablet to poems and drawn pictures and cut out arts and crafts, by what I am sure caused many hours of many glue covered fingers.

When I became a mom 8 years ago, I didn’t know a four letter word on a cut out piece of paper could make me so emotional. “Mama” it says in tiny wobbly children written letters.

Before I became a mom I was excited for days like this, back then it was birthdays and Christmases. I was excited for gifts and parties. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy gifts, parties and yes even other material things as much as the next guy. I’m not going to lie. I am excited like crazy about the new house, vacation trips, days at the zoo, going out to fancy restaurants. What I did learn to appreciate so much more when I became a mom though, was each and every ordinary day.

I love ordinary days. Many of our friends complain about bad school grades, tantrums or misbehaved kids. They complain about forgotten jackets in school buses ans sticky fingerprints on just-cleaned windows. They complain about their stressful every day lives. I appreciate those days. I love days filled with morning grumpiness in 3 pairs of sleepy little eyes because it’s way too early to get up. I appreciate spilled milk from their morning cereal. I love the rush of the mornings trying to get them all ready and to the school bus, kindergarten and playgroups in time. I love the craziness of afternoon homework, running errands, appointments and therapies, afternoon activities, night time swimming classes. I love our family dinners filled with talks about every ones day and laughter and sibling silliness. The ever repeating “you really need to brush your teeth now, it’s way past your bedtime”, the craziness of the evening rush after dinner trying to get them to bed. I enjoy singing each of them their individual good night song each night, the ones I sang to them even during those 9 month they grew inside of me. I admire their closed little eyes and their snoring little noses once they are tucked in their soft blankets. I am a sucker for collapsing on the couch after a long, ordinary day, turning on the TV to a silly comedy show while cuddled in the arms of the man I love. I love to hear their tiny little feet stomping across the hallway at 3am to crawl in bed with us because they can’t sleep. I cherish being kicked by little toes and tiny elbows because they can’t lay still when they sleep in bed with us. I love tiny feet, hands and tickling hair waking me up at all hours of the night.

From the first time I looked into my newborn baby’s eyes all those years ago, I loved each and every ordinary, stressful, crazy day with all of my heart.

Because I realize, not everyone gets to have just one more ordinary day.

All of this stuff that seems so ordinary, can be gone in just one second, one blink of an eye, on any given day. There are parents out there who don’t get to celebrate today. Some parents out there have very sick kids, others have missing children. Some even lost their babies because they died or got killed, sometimes in the cruelest possible ways. Some parents and children out there endure more pain than what seems humanly possible. Some have to live with a pain that no one should have to live with. I am sure those parents would lay down their lives to be given just one more ordinary day.

Some days I feel like am a horrible mom, because our days aren’t always perfect. Sometimes I don’t have time to play with the kids and cherish every single second and every single breath. In the routine of our daily lives I don’t always have time to play, because life happens. Because I have to empty the dishwasher, take phone calls from architects who aren’t doing their job or because we have to rush to meetings. And then there’s the laundry which won’t get done by itself and the dinners who still fail to prepare themselves. Precious moments I should appreciate more are getting lost because some things simply have to get done. But seeing the love in my childrens eyes makes me thing that maybe I’m not doing half as bad as I think I am. Maybe I am doing just fine. Maybe I appreciate ordinary days more than most people.

I pray every single morning and every single night because my children are healthy and here with me. A lot of our friends comment quite a bit on me “always being so calm” and how they admire me for that. I have never raised my hand to any of my children, I hardly ever raise my voice and I have never yelled at them. (Yet I still believe they – so far – have become pretty decent human beings ; ) ). I don’t get upset about sticky fingers which cause my door handles to be full of chocolate two seconds after I cleaned them. The truth is I enjoy seeing their little nose prints on just cleaned windows, because I know it’s so much more important that they squished there noses there to wait for daddy to come home or to show me a little bird who just landed on our balcony. I love crayon marks on white walls because it is proof of the life and love in this house. Each stain, each spill, each noise is proof they are here, they are happy and they are healthy. They are HERE. So while I do get stressed, upset and crazy ever now and then just like every one else, I believe I get so a lot less then most people. Because I appreciate the madness, the noise, the dirt and the messes. I will have plenty of time to clean up those messes and have a picture perfect clean house once all those toys are packed away and no longer played with. Once they are all grown and moved out. So for now I will hang on to every crazy moment, every spilled drink and every single ordinary day. And I will love it with every piece of my heart. For all those parents who wish they could have just that. Just one more ordinary day.

So this Mothers Day with all the glory and pampering it had in store for me, the biggest gift my children gave to me remains unknown to them. Because for Mothers Day today – I got to hug my kids.





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Keep your fingers crossed!

Please keep your fingers crossed! It’s almost time to hand in our application and hope we will be among the view who get a piece of land.

With any luck around this time next year there won’t be a field behind the girls anymore but – finally! – our very own house!
Wish us luck!!!


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12 months!

I am so  sorry for neglecting this 🙁 I wanted to make sure his birthday post is on time and now look how late I am with it. Apologies Mr. Ryan! I will try and be better.
So in May Ryan turned one year old. I officially don’t have any babies in my house anymore. This is rather bitter sweet. I am glad that I don’t have to get up every hour or so to feed a newborn, but I also miss those tiny, little bundles of joy.
With Ryan officially being a toddler now it’s kind of hard to believe how old they all are. Lillian was just born yesterday and now we have 3 kids aged 6, almost 3 and 1. Wow. When did all this happen and where was I?!

Ryan is still as amazing as a toddler as he was as a baby. He has got to be the funniest kid in the world. He is always in a good mood (literally ALWAYS), he laughs at everything and everyone. He is happy and jolly no matter what is going on around him.
He finally learned how to crawl on all fours but still rather move forward by acting like he’s a soldier crawling through the mud. He enjoys playing with his sisters, but is also good at playing alone.
For some reason he loves to rip books apart. The girls have always (even as babies) treated books nicely. They gently moved from page to page, and looked at them. Most of our books survived two kids that way. Some of them are actually still from way back when I was a kid. And now along comes Ryan, sneaky as he his he’ll crawl to the bookshelf, grab out a book and start ripping away. So far we were able to tape them all back together, but who knows where this will end 😉

He also enjoys eating. He eats everything and wants more and more and more.
We are also teaching him sign language and so far he can say “drink”, “eat” and “more”. We are still working on “all done”, “thank you” and “please” was well as “help”. He is getting very good with it and is able to tell us what he wants. It’s kind of fun and very cute to see him make his little gestures.

He is a lot of fun do be with and I wouldn’t want to miss this kid for the world.
12 months

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11 months

Way too late again 🙁 It seems to get harder to catch up with these posts.
Ryan is 11 months old and I can’t believe it’s almost been a year.
He is always happy, crawling backwards and starting to get up on his knees. I don’t think it will be much longer till he crawls.

He looks more and more like Chris every day and sometimes I can’t believe how much they look alike. He is loved by his big sisters and constantly entertained by them.

He is so much fun to be with!

11 months

11 months

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Double digits!

A couple of days late, but Ryan is now in double digits!
10 months old! WOW! Where did time go? (I know I keep saying that, but it’s true!)
He now knows how to crawl backwards, waves back, claps his hands. He is still all smiles and giggles and such a calm, relaxed happy kid. Every day with him is so much fun!

10 months

10 months

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9 months!

Last time in the single digits. Wow. I know I say this a lot, but I really don’t know where time went. Next time will be in double digits, and everyone knows it’s not long till a first birthday from there. A first birthday! Yikes! Way too fast if you ask me.

Ryan learned how to crawl! Backwards only though – for now. It’ll be soon enough he gets the trick to do it in the “right” direction too. He enjoys getting around a little bit more and loves to hide under the table and chairs. He also rolls around quite a bit now, is practicing sounds and “Mama”. He smiles, giggles and laughs as often as ever and is a very happy guy.

It’s rather bittersweet to know this is the last time he’ll be in single digits, but I figured if I just stop thinking about “month” and think in “years” from now on, single digits will stay with us for quite some more time 😉


9 months!

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The very first step!

Ok, actually I guess it’s not really a “real” first step. More like lifting your foot and starting to move it in the right direction…
None the less though:
I am excited! Very excited!



After 5 long years for waiting, searching and waiting some more, we found out land is finally going to be for sale a couple of towns over. The only reason we couldn’t build our house yet (as many of you know we already have it planed out with the building company of our choice) is the fact that there was simply no land for sale around here. (Ok, that’s not completely true, there was one spot in those 5 years – ONE! – right next to the cemetery. So yeah. Thanks – but no thanks.) And while Lillian’s idea of “just building the house in our basement” seems rather charming, I would really prefer building the house on top of some land we own. Building a house in the basement would probably not please our landlord. 😉

So here’s what we know so far (taken from our newspaper):

Picking land

Picking land (things blurred out are simply street and city names. Since this is a public page I’d rather not have strangers know where we are going to live 😉 ).

What’s going to happen is that come summer this year (at least if they stick to their  time plan) we will be able to apply to get a spot of the land you see in the picture posted above. Like Chris already explained in the post below this one, our city has a certain point system. If we have the most points, we get to pick first (probably not going to happen, lol). If we have the second most points we get to pick a spot second. You get the idea. Since we want a “stand-alone”-house and not one that shares a wall with the neighbors the 6 spots in the middle of the picture are not of any interest to us. Which leaves us with 8 spots to pick from. Let’s hope no more than 8 people apply for the land (kinda unlikely, huh?) and if they do, let’s hope we can still get enough points to get a spot (since we have 3 kids the odds aren’t all too bad).

The land for sale in the picture above is about 10 minutes away from where we live now in a small, little, sleepy but very cute village. We went to visit the land and it is flat (which is great) and right next to it are some tennis courts (also great cause you know you won’t get some huge building built there that will blog your view.). The streets bordering it are very quiet and there is almost no traffic. There are pretty much no houses around but a bunch of open fields (of course that can and most likely will chance in the future as people always build more and more, but for now it’s very rural). It sounds very, very, very good!

We are super excited. We’ve been waiting for this since we moved here (remember – 5 years!) and it seems like it’s finally happening. As more stuff happens we will be updating this blog, so if you care about this, stay tuned 🙂 And wish us luck for the application progress! 🙂

That’s all for now people. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the Happy Dance! YAY!d69taylor-swift-birthday-december-13-2012-dancing-gifs-planet-com







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8 months!

Ryan is eight months old and yesterday (the 30th of January) he rolled over to his tummy for the first time. It was a long overdue step for him and he finally did it! Yay!

He is still, and I know I always say this but it’s true, the easiest, funniest kid around. He is always in a good mood, chilled out and relaxed, giggling a way. I have no doubts he will be a really funny guy to be around once he can talk 🙂

He is a little behind on all of his milestones (rolling over, sitting, crawling,….) due to his weight loss after he was born but he is in therapy for it now and doing great. He is strong and tough and learning more new things ever day!

8 months

8 months

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7 months old!

December 14th Ryan turned 7 months old.
This time the photo I took of him doesn’t feature the number itself, but it was Christmastime so I figured that would have to do and I actually like how they turned out.

Ryan still won’t turn around by himself, so will have to see a doctor about it and maybe according to our doc he will get some physiotherapy, which will probably be a lot of fun for our little guy and I think he might enjoy it.
Other than that, he is still the same little boy, so much fun to be around. Always smiling, always calm, he just kind of goes with whatever is going on.

I know I have said it before, but I’ll say it again, I have never known such an easy going child.
He is pretty great 🙂

7 months old

7 months old

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Half a year!

Where did time go again? I can’t believe it’s been half a year since Ryan was born. This long again and he will be a toddler! Unbelievable!

Ryan is still too small and too light for his age, but he is getting there slowly. He tries to make more noises, tries to roll around and if you sit him down he will try to keep his balance.

He is as happy as can be. He ALWAYS has a smile on his face. Only cries when he is hungry. Has never been upset about anything. He is simply amazing and giving us so much joy. Can’t wait to see how he will grow and what he will turn into!

6 months

6 months



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